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JW8104 DWDM Tester
    Publish time 2020-07-13 15:40    
1. Reduce error of inserting and pulling, More accurate test result
2. One Click automatic detection, simple operation
3. Alarm with test result, visual judgment of qualified product
4. Integrated Design, cost reduction
5. Isolate a laser combiner port to make detection more efficient

JW8104 DWDM tester is a brand-new product specially designed for the detection of passive DWDM module.
In recent years, the data communication volume is in the rapid growth period, with the rapid increase of the number of DUT, it is urgent to solve its detection efficiency. 
JW8104 is an opto-mechatronics integrated product. It can test the DWDM module of Optical communication with high efficiency and simplify the setup.