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Optical Device Automation Integrated Test Platform
    Publish time 2020-12-15 15:21    

What is the Optical Device Automation Integrated Test Platform?

It is a self-developed integrated and optimized optical device integrated test system platform with excellent configuration. Through the application of the combination of modules, to provide a one-stop tailor-made test program and software applications. It can realize all kinds of performance testing, long-time dynamic monitoring, transient monitoring and other system solutions. To meet the needs of optical device detection. Optimized integration of application modules such as Echo Loss, insertion loss, high-speed disturbance, VOA, optical switch, transient response, etc. .


Product Overview

The test platform adopts the hardware structure design of the Main Control Board + Adapter Board + Function Module, supports the communication of network interface or serial port, and can quickly realize the one-stop automatic test of various performances of the products such as optical devices.

The platform is multi-application programmable and extensible, providing a complete set of system flow for high-end Laboratory and manufacturing production environment, which can effectively improve production efficiency and reduce costs, it is an ideal solution to construct an automatic test system for optical manufacturing.

Product characteristics

1. The hardware architecture design of the platform is based on the Main Control Board, Adapter Board and Function Module

2. Modular design, flexible configuration, extended application

3. Support for Hot Swap, chassis built-in slot identification, power-on control and other functions

4. Support for network or serial communication controls

5. JW18001 test platform with Windows 10 operating system

6. Can Be selected according to the demand with chassis display screen and keys, flexible and convenient

7. The JW18000/18001 Test platform supports a maximum of seven modules

8.JW18002 supports up to two modules

9.JW18003 supports up to three modules

Upper computer interface


Application Scenario

1. Laboratory testing of optical properties

2. Optical devices manufacturing

3. Automated testing of communications equipment

4. Intelligent Manufacturing Control System