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JW5005N Probe Fiber Microscopes
    Publish time 2020-07-13 14:00    
There are two models : 200X and 400X in magnification of the microscope. It can output the video signal to external monitors such as portable monitor or computers by dala acquisition card. There are many type of adaptors that can detect various Connectors (male or female) and tansceivers(SFP, QSFP, XFP) or TOSA& ROSA components

JW5005N Probe Fiber Microscopes offers 200x or 400x magnification for the fibers of 125um diameter (both SM and MM fibers are included). It not only can be used to inspect the male connector ends but also to inspect the female bulkhead adapters. 



200X or 400X alternative

AV output


Display Screen

3.5TFT 220 K LCD

Power Consumption


Working Temperature


Storage Temperature



12V recharge battery incl. or DC 12V, W/adaptor

Working Hours

More than 6 hours


monitor:205mm(L)×94mm(W)×25mm(H); microscope:φ23mm×160mm