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JW18001 IL/RL Testing Platform
    Publish time 2020-07-13 15:08    
To meet the test requirements of MPO devices, we adopt the JW18001 optical device testing platform,
JW1608 No-mandrel IL/RL tester module, JW1606 multi-channel optical switch module and form an
integrated solution for
MPO testing. The application of No-mandrel technique solves the problem that
the multi-core optical device can not be
winded and needs fiber matching cream, thereby the testing
efficiency of the insertion loss and return loss of
the multi-core / ribbon fiber has been greatly improved.
At the same time, MPO applications can configure a variety of
testing mode, test reports, threshold
setting function, so multi-core optical device testing is no longer complicated.

1:Multi-core No-mandrel return loss test without fiber matching cream;
2:Test 12/24/16/32/48 channel dual wavelength IL&RL automatically;
3:Adopt integrating sphere test scheme,meet the requirements of MTP/MPO optical devices;
4:Extend 48 channel JW18000 optical power meter to support testing of MPO fan-out devices;
5:Configure a variety of special line through the software, cable test process, test mode
diversification configuration,strong system compatibility ;

6:Support aging monitoring test applications;
7:Support automatic test and single channel manual test;
8:EXCELdatabaseXML and other data storage forms;
9:High performance, built-in PC, ensure system compatibility and operate fluency;

Module Selection and Configuration Instructions
IRL:Abbreviation of Insertion loss and Return loss test Platform 
AA: Channels;
Support 08/12/16/24/32/48 channel;
BBB:Single mode and multi mode configuration;
SM0: Single mode;
MM1:50/125multi mode;
MM2:62.5/125multi mode;
C: Optical power meter type selection;
1:Standard Ф2.0;
2:Integrating sphere;
3:Standard Ф5.0;