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1-1 General information
JW3327 series Insertion/Return Loss Test Station is a Joinwit precise instrument, which be adopted advantages from current abroad instrument brand and improved to the application from clients, developed by Joinwit. It is a technological breakthrough in the domestic market and greatly improves the efficiency of IL test of optical devices which combines the two wavelengths testing result in one short. It has extensive applications in the fiber cable, fiber passive device, fiber active device and optical communication system. It is suitable to perform the WIP testing and sample character testing for fiber device manufactory, research institutes 

1-2 Main Features:
1) High stable laser source equips;
2) Multiple testing mode application;
3) USB interface to support software application;
4) kinds of fiber terminations adopt;
5) Color screen for man-machine conversation;
6) Multiple COM interface compatible application;

1-3 Specifications
Test  wavelength(nm)1310/1550(±10nm) ①
Applicable  fiber  type(µm)9/125
Laser source connector  type FC/APC  ②
Output  power(dBm)≥-5
Output  stability(dB)±0.005(15 min @ 25℃)  ③
Test  range(dB)0~75
Test  accuracy(dB)±0.3(0~65dB) ④
Sensor  element InGaAs ⑤

Detector  size Φ2.0mm  ⑥
Wavelength  range(nm)800~1700
Wavelength  calibration(nm)850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625  ⑦
Power  range(dBm)+3~-75
Linearity(dB)±0.2(+3~-65dBm) ⑧
Test  mode Linearity/Non-Linearity
Connector  type FC/SC/ST/Φ2.5mm/Φ1.25mm

Display CLCD  ⑨
Communication  interface USB 2.0/RS232 (continued)
Power(V)AC 90~260
Operating  temperature(℃)0~+40
Storage conditions(℃)-25~+70
Relative humidity 0~85%(without condensation)

FP laser source applied under offset ±10nm , customization for laser types else.
② Default FCAPC adapter applied for laser source.
The stability of laser output be collected under 25℃ centigrade indoor temperature, continue testing 15 minutes under 100ms sampling rate after 20 minutes preheating.
The accuracy is measured repeatedly with the standard light source,  at 25℃centigrade indoor temperature and the power detection range at 0~-65dBm.
The optical power meter part of the instrument using InGaAs as sensor element, the power range can be tested in the wavelength of 800~1700nm.
The optical power meter part of the instrument using a detector with the diameter 2mm. If there is a requirement for the detector area, please refer to other products of this series or contact us.
The standard configuration of the light source part is 1310nm and 1550nm. It supports single-mode IL&RL testing at the dual-wavelength. If users need to test multimode devices or other wavelengths, please contact us. 
The linearity be collected under 20~25℃ centigrade indoor temperature, continue testing 15 minutes under 100ms sampling rate after 20 minutes preheating.
Color liquid crystal display applied for operation monitor.

1-4 Standard Package
Chart 1-2 components
No Name Qty
1 JW3327 main unit 1
2 Power cord 1
3 (FC、SC、ST、2.5mm、1.25mm) 1
4 FC/APC—FC/PC patch cord 1
5 FC/APC—FC/APC patch cord 1
6 Instruction 1
7 Cotton stick 1
8 Fuse 1
9 CD 1
10 USB Cable 1
11 RS232 ( option ) 1
12 Wireless module(option) 1
13 Foot Switch(option) 1